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People with developmental disabilities face similar safety concerns as anyone else related to: falling, cooking and kitchen use, fire, water, workplace, pets, poison prevention, seasonal safety, crime prevention, etc. Physical and educational needs must be assessed and met on an individual basis with thoughtful planning to keep everyone safe.

Dignity of Risk

People with developmental disabilities deserve access to the same personal freedoms and responsibilities as anyone else. Providing for their safety should not diminish this access. It is important that those who provide support balance an individual's right to take risks with their own duty of care for that individual. Safety and personal growth nurture a whole life.

Emergency Preparedness

Having a plan can mean survival in an emergency. People with disabilities may have more needs to consider in their preparations. Coordinating with family, friends, and neighbors and gathering adequate supplies in advance can ensure that no one is left without the support they need.

Abuse & Neglect

People with developmental disabilities are at greater risk of abuse than their non-disabled peers. Abuse can happen at home or in the community and is often committed by someone the victim knows. People with disabilities need allies who will speak up for their protection and empower them to do the same. You can report suspected abuse of children or vulnerable adults anywhere in Oregon at 855-503-SAFE (855-503-7233).

Other Safety Resources

Explore readings, videos, websites, and opportunities.