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What is Inclusive Volunteering?

Research shows that opportunities for volunteering are important in education, training and social engagement for people with disabilities. The term “inclusive volunteering” describes the service of individuals with disabilities as volunteers themselves as active members of any community.  Community partners are challenged to provide opportunities so that people with disabilities have access to participate.

Employers in all sectors of health, education, private business, entrepreneurs and nonprofits can consider the benefits of offering inclusive volunteer opportunities. Volunteer positions can be important steps to gain experience that leads to paid jobs, providing needed services while bringing awareness to the culture of an organization or community and support the goals of inclusion.

People with disabilities can volunteer to:

  • Fill temporary roles while business is expanding
  • Provide staffing for internal/external events
  • Perform essential tasks that support paid staff
  • Support staff during periods of peak sales or activities

Source: Marková, A. (2018). The “inclusive volunteering” phenomenon: Research into the volunteering of people with disabilities. Kontakt.

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