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Interview with Jane Squires

Advocate and Community Advocacy Council (CAC) Member

What is one of your hobbies?
I love reading books - novels and books about real things. I also love walking with my dog and being outside in beautiful Oregon.
What is one thing you are proud of?
I am proud to have worked with the UCEDD and the CAC for over 20 years. I consider it to be an amazing organization, both on the local University of Oregon level as well as nationally.
Why do you think advocacy is important?
I believe that we can’t sit back and let others decide important things about our lives. So voting, demonstrating, letting your views be known to make policy, is very important.
What is your favorite local resource?
One of my favorite local resources is Meals on Wheels. They bring food to people who can’t make it for themselves. Eating good food is important for us all.

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