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December 2020: Local Wildfires

Blue River, Oregon after the fires
Burned houses and furniture after wildfire
Firefighter working to contain a wildfire

Our hearts go out to everyone who was impacted by the fires this summer in Oregon and elsewhere. The Holiday Farm Fire (McKenzie Fire) near the CAC affected so many people: our friends, family, fellow advocates, and more.

Some people with disabilities lost their homes in the fire. In the spirit of community, we would like to encourage our blog readers to contribute, however you can, to help them. We’d also like you to get the help you need if you were affected by the fires.

The Arc Lane County CARES Program

The Arc of Lane County recently got a grant to open CARES (Community Aligned Resources for Eugene/Springfield). The CARES Center provides food, toiletries, and home goods (like sheets and cookware) to people who experience a disability, families who have a child with a disability, and other people in need. People who call or go there for help can also talk to a resource specialist. The resource specialist can help them get other support with school, work, and social services. 

You can donate new or gently used household goods, such as blankets and small appliances to the CARES Center. Call 541-343-5256. Please do not drop off donations without scheduling an appointment.

Resources from the City of Eugene

For more specific recovery information about the fire and for those affected by it, check this City of Eugene website. It includes information about how to:

  • get an Xfinity hotspot
  • get free ash clean-up
  • prepare for future wildfires
  • learn about FEMA recovery efforts
  • find emotional support for adults and children

Wildfire Stories

Here are a couple of stories that you may want to save for the future.

These stories can help some children or adults with disabilities process the harsh reality of living in a time of wildfires.

Read them together and talk through your responses and feelings.