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Inclusive Volunteering

What is Inclusive Volunteering?

Research shows that opportunities for volunteering are important in education, training and social engagement for people with disabilities. The term “inclusive volunteering” describes the service of individuals with disabilities as volunteers themselves as active members of any community.  Community partners are challenged to provide opportunities so that people with disabilities have access to participate.

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The Arc

Offers many opportunities for people with disabilities to volunteer and participate in the community.

TED TALK: Inclusive Career Placement for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Volunteering is a layered opportunity: as a first step to gain work and social experience, and for volunteer to learn about a career or organization from the inside.

Strategies for Creating a More Inclusive Volunteer Program

Results from a recent research study by the Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration offer 8 strategies as a starting point to support organizations engage volunteers from diverse and immigrant communities.

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