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Early Childhood

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Family-Centered Services
Based on Child/Family Needs

Early Childhood refers to infants and young children from ages of birth to eight years old, when early brain development is most vulnerable.

When there are concerns for a child’s early progress or behavior, families can schedule a developmental screening for their child with a local early intervention provider.

Family centered services may be available based on a child’s needs.

Screening and Evaluation

Early childhood assessment is a process that identifies important outcomes for children from birth to age 5 years. Early screening tools help identify if a child may be at risk for early developmental delay; additional measures may be used for further evaluation to determine if services are needed. A variety of tools or measures may be used to gather and provide educators, healthcare providers and families with critical information about a child's development and growth.

Early Childhood Intervention / Early Childhood Special Education

Special education is a system of educational and therapeutic services for infants and young children with disabilities, or who are considered at risk for developmental delay or disability. Services based on a child and family’s individual needs are detailed for the family in an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) for children ages birth to 3 years or an Individual Education Plan (IEP) for children ages 3 years to Kindergarten age.

Early Intervention and Community Services

Find Early Intervention Provider programs and community-based services for young children, their families and providers in Oregon.

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Training Events

Continue learning about parenting and early child development. Trainings may be offered in-person or online for parents, family, teachers and others.

Webinars & Media

View or listen to any of the free webinars and podcasts at your convenience. Parents, family, caregivers, or professionals find topics of interest in early child development and early childhood special education.


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