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Research & Outreach

Our research focuses explicitly on improving the emotional, behavioral and cognitive functioning of individuals with or at risk of disability. We work directly with individuals and their teachers in educational contexts (preschool, and k-12), with families in their homes and in our clinics, and with various community agencies.

A driving force behind all our efforts is to design, implement and evaluate systems (educational, familial and community) that have the potential to improve the lives and outcomes of children, youth and adults.

Current Research Projects

Learn more about current research projects being implemented by faculty and staff in the Center on Human Development.

Past Research Projects

Describes past research and training projects implemented by faculty and staff in CHD.

Outreach Projects

In addition to research, our faculty and staff regularly engage in community outreach projects to benefit Oregonians with disabilities and their families.

Research Labs

Our research labs are incubators for students and faculty to work together on developing new ideas and scientific discoveries.

Get Involved

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