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Middle & High School

Middle school and high school represent a major time of change for students and families. In the sections below we provide some general information for families and professionals about some of the issues facing students with disabilities during these important developmental periods.

  • Middle & High School
  • Social Relationships
  • Emotional & Behavioral Health
  • Cognitive & Academic Development
  • Identity Development
  • Navigating Physical Change
  • Responsible Decision Making

Middle School & High School

Middle School

Although the structure and supports for students with disabilities can vary widely depending on the particular middle school they attend, there are some common characteristics that most middle schools share. Learn more about issues pertaining to students with disabilities during middle school.

High School

Like middle schools, the structure, services and supports available to students with disabilities in high school can vary widely depending on district where the school is located and/or the characteristics of the school. In this section we provide information about some common features and issues facing students with disabilities during high school along with information pertaining to Oregon state requirements.

More Resources

Training Events

Learn more about training opportunities related to students with disabilities during middle and high school.

Webinars & Media

View or listen to free webinars and podcasts for parents, family members, caregivers, or professionals on topics pertaining to middle and high school.


Explore tipsheets and other readings for continued learning about middle and high school topics.