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Don’t Come Too Close

CAC member, Anna Scott-Hinkle, shares her profound poetry:

Don’t Come Too Close
By Anna Scott-Hinkle

Don’t come too close.

The enemy among us

Who are they?

Save lives, don’t touch me.

Beginning our own end,
Die to save the economy.

American Doomsday,
Our clock is ticking.

Our lives on the line,
99% sacrifice for the 1%.

This story
Never has a good ending.

Wash everything till you go mad.

Reach out and touch no one.
Six feet of separation or six feet under

Forced staycationing

Depressed briefings,
Will he ever stop talking?

Pay no attention to the liar speaking.

Global panic-demic
OCD globally

Fearful in place

Emergency unpreparedness
Death and disinformation

2020 not the vision

State of emerging fear

Death toll mounting,
We’re number one!

Please don’t die.

Connect with friends and family,
Zoom Zoom Zoom Zoom.

Write away.
Right now
Recording for history

Trying to sleep,
Can we foot the bill?

Wash hands.
Calm down.
Don’t think about it.
Don’t die.
Can’t sleep

Remember face to face meetings.

Life from home our new normal

What doesn’t kill you can still scare you.

Seeking an end to all emotions

America down
Traumatic nation on the rise

Apathetic, trying not to remember

Hospitals the frontlines
Doctors nurse

A parting gift,
Save me.
Save us.

Not so different now?

Heartbreaking planet
News of devastation

Who could write this novel?

Red dawn
Breaking facts
Heed this warning.
Leave now.
No turning back

Lights flash
Be thou afraid.

Apocalypse waiting in the wings
Blow by blow
On that note, minor note
It will be.
May we live to see
The finale.