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Past Topics of CAC
Self-Advocate Meetings

We cover a variety of ideas at CAC meetings. Check out what we've been talking about lately.

July 2017: Empathy

We considered the following questions: How can we tell what others are feeling? How do we show empathy? How can we relate without shifting the focus to ourselves?

We were reminded that we can't assume we understand someone else's feelings even if we have a good guess and that we should always ask.

We agreed that the purpose of empathy is to be inclusive. When being included and feeling understood, we don't feel alone. This allows us to be less scared and better able to make a contribution to the community.

For more on EMPATHY, check out Brene Brown’s video here: Brené Brown on Empathy (YouTube)

June 2017: “Offense Taken”

We watched a movie called “Offense Taken” about the use of the “R” word in common speech and how one community decided not to take it.

Here’s a trailer for the movie: "Offense Taken" Movie Trailer (YouTube)

April 2017: The History of Advocacy

We learned about the history of the self-advocacy movement; how different groups of people stood up for themselves and improved the lives of everyone.

This video summarizes some of the history of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

March 2017: Using Questions in Conversation

We worked on communication skills, specifically asking questions. We discussed the four types of questions (closed, leading, why, and open) and when to use each of them to get needed information and/or build rapport.

This is a straight-forward video about open and closed questions: How to Ask Good Questions in Conversations (YouTube)

November 2016: Voting

We discussed US voting history for people with disabilities and our personal voting experiences this election cycle. We also completed a national survey on voting experiences for people with disabilities created by Self Advocates Becoming Empowered.

The results of the survey are in this newsletter on pages 8 & 9: 2017 SABE Fall Newsletter (PDF)

Here is a video from Disability Rights Oregon explaining how to vote online in Oregon: Voting with a disability in Oregon (YouTube)

August 2016: Pain and the Brain

We learned about how the brain interprets pain and how mindfulness-based practices can help.

This is a TED Talk about a doctor who treats people with chronic pain: Pain and the Brain