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COVID-19 Information & Resources

Coronavirus information and resources for people with disabilities, families and providers.

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COVID-19 Information & Updates

Resources for Schools

COVID-19 Resources & Support

  • Virus Defense At Home

    This is a guide for individual and family households. Use these simple cleaning tips to reduce the spread of germs at home. Each page can be printed and posted in a common area or room to remind family members to keep surfaces extra clean at this time.

  • Talking to Your Child About Change

    This story is to read with children and youth with intellectual or developmental disabilities who may be struggling to understand why their schedule is now different, in particular why they are no longer in school. Flexible thinking is emphasized and feelings are acknowledged.

  • Talking About Change: A story about coronavirus

    This story can be used to support individuals with disabilities who live in their family homes, foster homes or group homes to understand the current situation due to the new Coronavirus. Questions are provided to give readers opportunities to plan, prepare, and ask questions. Discussing the pictures may also help the individual process facts and feelings.

  • What to do if you are sick during a virus outbreak

    This visual narrative can be used to support individuals with disabilities who live in their family homes, foster homes or group homes. Clear instructions are paired with visuals to promote an understanding of what to do if a person begins to feel sick.

  • Creating Routines for Residential Providers in the Developmental Disability (DD) Community

    This document was created for those working as residential service providers in the DD community. The document contains a list of 11 tips for creating new routines with clients during stay-at-home orders. These suggestions may help inspire your own creative thinking!

  • Super Handwashing (Video)

    A video demonstration to show why washing your hands thoroughly is important.