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Publications for Elementary School

  • Special Education Guide

    "This Guide was written to provide parents and advocates with accurate information and answers to questions about special education for children enrolled in Oregon’s public schools from Kindergarten to 21 years of age" — Disability Rights Oregon

  • Oregon Administrative Rules for Special Education
  • Developmental Disabilities Eligibility Appeal Process

    "This guide is intended for non-lawyers who want to help a family member or friend appeal a notice of ineligibility for services." — Disability Rights Oregon

  • Family and Medical Leave

    "FMLA addresses permanent and temporary illness, injury or disability experienced not just by you, but also your family members." — Disability Rights Oregon

  • Fair Housing Handbook

    "The purpose of this Handbook is to provide general information to housing providers, applicants and tenants about the rights and protections that individuals with disabilities have under the law to ask for reasonable accommodations or reasonable modifications in residential housing." — Disability Rights Oregon

  • Assistive Device Lemon Laws

    "The Assistive Device Lemon Law protects consumers who buy or lease defective wheelchairs, scooters, or aids that increase the mobility or positioning of a person using a wheelchair as well as consumers who buy or lease hearing aids." — Disability Rights Oregon