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Learning Opportunities & Services for Lane County Families

Case Management

  • Lane County Developmental Disabilities Services

    This is the government case management entity serving adults and children with developmental disabilities living in Lane County. Lane DDS determines a new applicant’s eligibility for services; then connects those who qualify with needed services. This is the first stop for someone with a newly diagnosed developmental disability. DDS is also responsible for overseeing foster care for children and crisis resolution.

Direct Support and Services

  • Child Development & Rehabilitation Center 541–346–3573

    CDRC evaluates the needs of children with delays and disabilities. They create individualized treatment plans for children in the areas of education, behavior, medical needs, and psychopharmacology.

  • Bridgeway House

    Bridgeway House provides on-site and in-home services to children with Autism and related disabilities including ABA therapies, social skills groups, academic tutoring, summer camps, family social events, parent education and support, sexuality & health classes, theater club, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and more. Bridgeway house is also home to a private school for children with autism.

  • Early Childhood CARES

    EC CARES provides early intervention and early childhood special education to infants, toddlers and preschool age children in Lane County. All services are free of charge to eligible children.

  • Arc of Lane County

    The Arc provides direct support services, training and events including respite programs. The Jumpstart! program offers after-school, Saturday, and summer activities for school age children (5-21) to learn social skills in a recreational setting. "Take a break" is a respite program for families with children (0-17) with developmental disabilities and their siblings.

  • Pearl Buck Center

    Pearl Buck offers on-site, year-round free preschool (ages 2 – 5), case management, and home-based support for families with parents with intellectual disabilities.

  • Child Center

    The Child Center provides mental health services for families throughout Lane County including outpatient counseling, psychiatric day treatment (ages 3 – 13) and specialized education, a wellness program, parenting classes, a community resource library, and a 24-hour Crisis Response Program.

  • Direction Service

    Direction Service provides wraparound services for families with children with disabilities through four programs: Family Support & Service Coordination, Information Services, Counseling Center and Center for Appropriate Dispute Resolution in Special Education.

  • RISE

    RISE offers family support through: behavioral support, family training, caregiver support, and specialized training for individual needs. They offer Oregon Intervention System (a two-day training on positive behavior support and crisis intervention), family support groups, school staff trainings, and other specialized trainings specific to a child needs and diagnosis.

Information & Support

  • Emerald Family Down Syndrome Network

    This network supports families, friends and individuals with Down syndrome through small gatherings, family outings, providing educational scholarships and attending regional/national events. They are a community network of families, friends, educators, and service providers.

  • Oregon Family Support Network

    This is a family-led organization working with families dealing with behavioral and mental health challenges by providing respite, family fun events, peer support, resources and referrals, systems navigation, wraparound partnership, and advocacy.

  • Families Connected at the Arc

    Families Connected offer programs to reduce isolation and build community connections for families raising a child with a developmental disability. Services include support groups, family trainings, mentoring, community access, and advocacy.


  • City of Eugene Adaptive Recreation: Inclusion Services

    Adaptive Recreation Services based at Hilyard Community Center provides year-round, community-based recreational, social and educational programs for Eugene area children, teens and adults with disabilities. Their Inclusion Services strive to support people who need accommodation to participate in any recreation activity offered by the City of Eugene.

  • Special Olympics

    Special Olympics Oregon provides year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children, youth and adults living with intellectual disabilities,

  • Tamarack Pool

    This is a non-profit therapeutic and recreational warm water aquatic facility offering interdisciplinary approaches to aquatic wellness for all ages, income levels, and abilities.