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Learning Opportunities
and Services for Oregonians

  • Mental Health Association of Portland

    The Mental Health Association of Portland is the Oregon’s impartial and independent advocate for persons with mental illness and addiction. Our task is to help persons with a diagnosis of mental illness or addiction speak up and speak out – and to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

  • Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation Services​

    Vocational rehabilitation can assist you in finding employment!

  • Disability Rights Oregon (DRO)

    Learn more about your rights.

  • Oregon Self Advocates Coalition (OSAC)

    This group of self-advocates lobbies the Oregon state legislature and speaks up on national and local levels as well.

  • ABLE Savings Accounts

    Save for eligible expenses without effecting benefits. This site strives to provide the tools you need to achieve financial empowerment and prepare for a more independent and secure future.