High School

During high school, the “stakes” for performance are increased through mandatory graduation requirements. In the state of Oregon, there are a variety of graduation options including an extended diploma, a modified diploma, or an Alternative certificate. You can learn more about these options here.

In addition to these options, it is important to be aware of the standard high school graduation requirements in the state of Oregon. These include Oregon’s credit requirements (see Table below), essential skills requirements, and personalized learning requirements. It is important to work closely with your child’s special education case manager or teacher along with his/her guidance counselor to discuss these option. These discussions should happen early in his/her high school career (9th grade) but should be ongoing throughout high school at the annual IEP meeting or at other times.

Oregon Credit Requirements
English Language Arts 4
Mathematics 3 - Algebra I and above*
Science 3 - Scientific Inquiry and Lab Experience*, **
Social Sciences 3
Physical Education 1
Health 1
Second Language,
The Arts,
Career and Technical Education
Electives 6
Total Credits 24

* Applied and integrated courses aligned to standards can meet credit requirements.

** Lab experiences can take place outside of the school in field-based experiences.