Adult Support Services

Hiring Service Providers

Once support needs are identified in the ISP, the individual can choose who will deliver the support. Parents or others may fill this role as natural supports, and/or the individual may want to hire a Service Provider.

A parent may serve in the role of paid Service Provider by becoming a Personal Support Worker (PSW). Learn about becoming a PSW here.

The individual may hire a different PSW who they recruit from their personal social circle or the wider community. In hiring a PSW, the individual becomes the employer of record and assumes responsible and liability in that role. Another option is to hire an agency as the Service Provider. The SC or PA can make recommendations in this area. Some Provider Agencies have employees who serve the same function as a PSW. They are referred to as Direct Support Professionals (DSPs).

Hiring a Service Provider takes careful consideration as they will most likely be very involved in the individual’s life and spending a great deal of time with them.

Support Services

At the time of an individual’s ISP meeting, an Oregon Needs Assessment will also be facilitated by the Service Coordinator or Personal Agent. This interview assessment helps determine the number of hours of support that will be available to an individual. Needs may be met in the form of direct support hours such as having a Personal Support Worker to assist with meals and personal hygiene or it may come in the form of gaining access to resources such being provided a bus pass.

Following are areas that can be addressed with support services.

Personal Support

"Activities for Daily Living" constitute basic needs.


Transportation may be key to accessing work, community, and care.


It’s important to feel comfortable in the place we call home. Several options are available in Oregon including comprehensive care, foster care, supported living, and more.


Employment Services are administered through Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation Services. Your Services Coordinator or Personal Agent will facilitate opening a file there for you.


Some people may want support to varying degrees with money management.


Building healthy, happy friendships and intimate relationships takes skills.

Mental & Physical Health

Healthcare and mental health professionals understand more now about serving everyone in our communities, but being informed and advocating for our needs is still up to the patient and those who support them.


Play is healthy for all adults. People with developmental disabilities may prefer specialized recreation or inclusion in community recreation programs.


A state qualified Behavior Professional provides a Functional Behavior Assessment, a Positive Behavior Support Plan including training, and ongoing team consultation.