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Outreach Projects

Our faculty and staff regularly engage in small-scale unfunded projects that focus on addressing a specific challenge or need facing Oregon’s disability community. Once pilot tested, the materials, tools, or technology developed through these projects are generally provided to the public at no cost.

Community Conversations

Community Conversations logoCommunity Conversations are an innovative and inclusive way to bring together a variety of community stakeholders to generate solutions for pervasive problems of practice for individuals experiencing disability.

Learn more about Community Conversations.


Tel Woolsey is working with transition coordinators in the state of Oregon to develop an app that can be used by individuals with disabilities, families, and professionals to identify community specific resources and supports.

Visit the AbleFind website.

Eugene Transition Clinic

The Eugene Transition Clinic LogoThe Eugene Transition Clinic is a collaboration between special education faculty at the University of Oregon and physicians at Oregon Health Sciences University. Our clinic is designed specifically to support adolescents and young adults with disabilities as they make the transition to adult life. Youth and families that visit meet with our staff to issues based on each individual’s needs: high school, employment, postsecondary education or training, independent living, and overall health and well-being.

Visit the Eugene Transition Clinic website.

Transition Check-Up

Transition Check-Up LogoTransition Check-Up is a new comprehensive assessment tool being developed by researchers in CHD. The tool is based on reliable predictors of employment and is designed to provide teachers and families with in-depth information about youths’ strengths and needs pertaining to successful employment transitions.